How can I top up with Credit Card?

Credit Card Top-Up Instructions:

1) Press "Top-Up" below TNG Balance
2) Choose "Credit Card"
3) Select your credit card and enter the corresponding CVV number
4) Enter the top-up amount and press the green tick at bottom right to continue
5) Check if the top-up details are correct and then press the green tick at bottom right to confirm
6) Enter your Transaction PIN or use Touch ID to complete

*Minimum top-up amount is HKD100 and the maximum top up amount will be depends on the maximum stored value of each membership type (the sum of all registered credit card). And we currently charge 2.5% of the total top-up amount as an administration fee.

*Please make sure your TNG wallet does not exceed the maximum stored value of your membership type after the latest Top-Up is credited to your wallet. You may need to contact our Customer Service hotline at +852 39516268 for further assistance when that happens.

Last updated 9:46:09 AM 17/07/2018 HKT