What are the differences between a normal member, VIP member and SVIP member?

All memberships level do not need to charge annual fee.

Normal members have wallet ceiling at HK$3,000 and annual transaction limit of HK$25,000;
VIP members have wallet ceiling at HK$50,000 and annual transaction limit of HK$100,000;
SVIP members have wallet ceiling at HK$100,000 and unlimit annual transaction, weekly local bank transfer limit is HK$200,000, weekly local cash withdrawal limit is HK$100,000, monthly global services transaction limit is HK$150,000 (shared monthly limit for global bill payment, global remittance and global sim top-up).

Monthly cash top-up limit is HK$20,000 for all members. Monthly P2P transfer limit is HK$20,000 for VIP and SVIP members.

VIP members and SVIP members will enjoy additional functions such as Credit Card Top-Up and Bank Transfer (both required user to submit related documents), Cash Withdrawal and Global Remittance service.

For details, please visit: https://www.tng.asia/en/membership-types

Last updated 10:37:50 AM 6/08/2019 HKT