Important Notice

Please be advised that there is a delay in processing your global transfer due to a high volume of transactions. The estimated processing time would take around 2-3 working days. Kindly allot some time before submitting. Your patience is highly appreciated.

How can I transfer money to other TNG users?

For VIP+ and SVIP+ members, you can start P2P transfer by:
1) Tap the "Pay" icon at the bottom left corner
2) Choose "Transfer Money" and select the recipient from your "Friend List", if recipient is not in your "Friend List", select "Other Friends"
3) Enter the transfer amount and press the green tick at bottom right to continue
4) Choose "P2P Transfer"
5) If you have selected "Other Friends", please type in the recipient's mobile number
6) Add Remark or attachment (if applicable)
7) Check the transaction detail and press the green tick at bottom right to confirm
8) Enter your Transaction PIN or use Touch ID to submit the payment
Once the P2P Transfer Request has been sent to the recipient's "Transaction History", the amount will be automatically deducted from the sender’s TNG account.
If the recipient rejects the request, the transaction will be cancelled and the transferred amount will be credited back to the sender's account. If the recipient does not respond to the transfer request within 14 days, the P2P Transfer Request will be cancelled on the 15th day and the amount will be credited back to the sender's TNG account.
Sender can also cancel the P2P transaction (Tap the "My" icon, select "Transaction History" and then the P2P Transfer message) if the receiver has not accepted the request. An administrative fee of HKD 5 will be charged.
Monthly P2P transfer limit is HK$20,000. No P2P transfer for Normal members.

Last updated 12:19:50 PM 17/09/2021 HKT